Oil Based Mud Line Flush

The use of Circulation Solutions' products to flush drilling fluid and cuttings through charging pumps, mud pumps, top drive, suction line, choke, flow line, possum belly, shale shaker and into sand trap as a replacement to diesel.

  • Significantly Cheaper than using Diesel to flush lines
  • Drips only oil free dirty water on location when breaking connections, not diesel
  • Eliminates dripping diesel on public roadways when moving rigs
  • With testing, the waste water from the flush can be put in the water based mud pit, eliminating haul off and further reducing cost

Oil Based Mud Line Flush Economics

Background - Prior to rig demobilization, the OBM lines must be flushed to clear them of residual Oil Based drilling mud. Typically, this is done by flushing 70 barrels of diesel at a total cost of approximately $6,468. After which the spent diesel, along with the drilling mud flushed from the OBM lines must be sent off for disposal. The following items are typically included in this flush: Charging Pumps, Mud Pumps.

Data Comparison:

Diesel Flush:

Total Fluids used in Typical Flush = 2,940 gallons (70 barrels)

2,940 gallons of diesel at a cost of $2.20 per gallon = $6,468

Circulation Solutions Flush:

Total Fluids used in flush = 2,940 gallons (70 barrels)

Total Circulation Solutions Product used=110 gallons (2 drums)

Circulation Solutions' Product at a cost of $21.50 per gallon=$2,365

Direct Cost Savings:

There is a direct cost savings of $4,103 by replacing Diesel with Circulation Solutions' products and water mixture during line flush prior to rig demobilization, not including other costs associated with disposal of waste, or the actual time saved due to reduced cleaning time. Total cost savings of $295,416 per year with 3 actively drilling rigs.

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