ShaleBlock is an asphalt based, custom-blended product that facilitates water loss reduction and shale inhibition, Circulation Solutions' unique blend is designed to be effective in water and oil-based mud. In a water base mud, ShaleBlock minimizes the shale formation from becoming water wet or hydrating. Thus plugging off the shale's pore throat, while providing excellent filtration properties. ShaleBlock can also be used as a filtration control agent in oil based muds, it can be used to temperatures up to 400F and provides a reduction in water loss and yields a thin slick filter cake.


  • Promotes wellbore stability
  • Limits mud from hydrating shale
  • Reduces filter cake and water loss (API and HTHP)
  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Prevents Sloughing
  • Promotes excellent filtration properties
  • Compatible with water and oil based muds.
  • Stable to temperatures to 400F

Because each drilling, production, and completion project is unique, our experts at Circulation Solutions will help you determine the best type of wellbore stability solution for your project. Our LCM products are designed to be used on their own or in tandem. Through our custom wellbore integrity solutions, we can help your project ensure shale stability and water loss reduction in shale formations and prevent your dollars from being wasted due to unproductive drilling time.

For inquiries about our Stabilizer products or to consult with our wellbore integrity specialists about your project, don't hesitate to call 855-801-1701. Our technical advisors are available 24/7 for assistance.