MultiSqueeze® is a safe, acid-soluble pill product designed to seal off depleted zones, fractures, faults, perforations and more.

Forming a solid fault seal in the loss zone, MultiSqueeze® eliminates further fluid loss. Once set, it also minimizes the probability of the seal being disrupted during drilling operations. This lost circulation material features a unique proprietary blend that allows it to be used in any formation.

This unique sealing blend is a non-flammable squeeze pill compatible with oil, water, and synthetic muds and requires only water to be activated. By applying a Hydrostatic or Pressure squeeze, the pill compresses and penetrates the theft zone or perforation configuring to the matrix of the formation. This unique procedure creates a solid seal within the formation eliminating further fluid loss and minimizing the possibility of the seal being removed.

Solidifying in a matter of hours, MultiSqueeze® greatly reduces lost time on drilling, production, and completion projects. Because there are no other additives required, the pill can be used alongside a variety of drilling or completion fluids.

Commonly used together with ASFiber® to create a seal in the formation, this solution can result in circulation restoration. Available in fine and medium grades, ASFiber® is also acid-soluble and can easily be removed for production.


  • Acid soluble
  • Mixed with any water source; can be weighted up by adding barite additives
  • Will not contaminate drilling fluids; environmentally friendly
  • Effective at temperatures up to 400F
  • Compatible with all water, oil, and synthetic-based drilling muds
  • Proven compatible with Drilling Motors; MWD Tools and Coil Tubing
  • Enhance Cement Operations (Drilling and P&A)
  • No drill out required; eliminates risk of sidetracking
  • Effective in sealing off Hole in Casing
  • Promote 1-3lbs of Wellbore Integrity
  • FIT/Shoe Test Enhancement