EcoLubeTM is a proprietary blend of synthetics with a high affinity for coating metal surfaces and solids in the drilling fluid. EcoLubeTM is a custom engineered blend of environmentally friendly lubricants aimed to aid in problems where torque and drag exist. EcoLubeTM has excellent environmental properties and is readily bio-degradable and non-toxic to marine environments. As a lubricant, EcoLube™ has exceptional lubricity which improves Rate of Penetration and facilitates sliding. EcoLubeTM can also be spotted in the open hole at TD to reduce time off production casing runs. Due to the quality of components utilized in the makeup of EcoLubeTM, it has the ability to act as a secondary shale stabilizer and corrosion inhibitor.

Treatments for mud systems range from 1%-6% by volume, while pills typically contain 2%-7%, dependent upon well conditions. EcoLubeTM can be used and is compatible with both Water Base and Saltwater (Brine) systems.

  • Benefits
  • Environmentally Friendly, Biodegradable
  • Reduces Torque and Drag
  • Increases ROP
  • Can be used in fresh/salt water mud systems
  • Reduces time running casing
  • Shale hydration and sloughing reduction
  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Low Coefficient of friction
  • Flows readily in cold environments
  • Nontoxic, non-sheening, and will not cause corrosion
  • No foaming issues

EcoLube can be used in conjunction with BiCenter Beads® to further enhance lubricity in extreme situations and eliminate even more drilling time off your AFE. Not looking for a liquid lubricant? Try out BiCenter Beads® as they provide excellent properties to reduce Torque & Drag and increase ROP.

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