Horizontal or directional drilling enables oil and natural gas extraction companies to hit reservoirs that are impossible to reach with conventional vertical drilling techniques. Circulation Solutions' BiCenter Beads® are specifically made to provide lubrication to minimize torque and drag forces that can hinder directional drilling operations.

Our BiCenter Beads® are an environmentally safe graphite coated drilling fluid additive with a wetting agent, along with various sized gravity beads for lubrication at both the upper and lower points of contact during Horizontal Drilling applications.This unique solution provides an insoluble and non-abrasive ball-bearing lubrication effect that aids in reducing Torque & Drag and increases (ROP) Rate of Penetration in all fluid systems, which is essential to tool wear and maximizing drilling schedules while offering significant cost savings.

BiCenter Beads® in real time application:


  • Environmentally safe.
  • Reduces torque and drag.
  • Increases (ROP) Rate of Penetration
  • Economical and easily mixed into any mud system.
  • Slicks doglegs.
  • Prevents sticking and pipe wear.
  • Coated with dry lubricant and wetting agent
  • Insoluble/non-abrasive
BiCenter Beads

Our team of experts can assess the well integrity of your project to determine whether you need only one or a combination of the solutions we offer. Due to their versatility, BiCenter Beads® are a great compliment to our EcoLube drilling fluid in severely deviated wells while drilling to create even more reduction in Torque & Drag and increase in (ROP) Rate of Penetration.

For any inquires about our horizontal drill beads, don't hesitate to call 254-576-1030 or toll free at 855-801-1701. Our technical advisors are available 24/7 to provide assistance.